yeah it was short lived and all xD
well it never really got popular or anything 
little comments of appreciation here and there
and I want to thank those people :3
i also noticed the recent russian viewers~
pleasant surprise! :D
so to all the russians~ Здравствуйте :3 спасибо
but i'm so sorry to say that this blog is waaay inactive
i recommend  using the KAMICHAN toolbar http://kamichan.com/johnnys-community-toolbar/
for all your updates. its really reliable
and when i was a HUGE fan, it was vital to me. 
it has lists of all the comms out there and resources and it's totally safe

this comm will still be up though because i understand it to be a resource to some people (through various comments)
so, this is open for research and use it however you like :) 

im still more or less active on news i just dont post it anymore xD
so if you want to discuss a drama or anything, you can message me :) or follow my main blog 
im mostly on tumblr.  http://tumblr.com/seishun-sensation
im on there a lot so if you have questions about this blog, im open :) drop something in the ask box or fanmail :)

thank you so much~ it's been great :)



on the 29th, I with the anime/japanese club performed the arashi song "Truth" (and anime song "cirno's perfect math class) on front of the whole school! ^___^ for international fair day! ^_________^v YEP! YEP YEP YEP~! please watch ^__^b ♦ 3 ♦ we had apx 23 ppl? not sure but MORE THAN 14! XD lol so here are two clips. 

notes: ;D yes~ we ordered cosplays!!!! (mine was $100 X O X *dies* )

^____^ please comment ^__^b