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sm_je's Journal

Kyute Chu~s For You! ^x^
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Johnny's Entertainment and SM Entertainment Fandom
about us♥
We are Coke [lifebandaid] and Nikko [nikko_tegonyan], the creators of this community. We both love the JE and SM world and the talents it brings. We are true fan girls at heart and would like to express our great gratitude to the entertainments by welcoming the ideas and love of other fans. We have interesting activities such as "ikemen of the day" which is a segment where we post 2 boys of the day (one from JE and one from SM). In addition, we have profiles of each group and member and we love to celebrate birthdays, leaving you to never forget your idols' birthdays ^__^ ALSO, there are EXTRA goodies posted but....they are locked D; so if you want to see em Please join! ^.~ chu~ for you.


1) No Hate. Only Love and Peace.
2) Posts must be related to either Johnny’s Entertainment or SM Entertainment bands.
3) Posts that have videos, pictures or that are unbelievably long must be placed behind LJ-cut.
4) Posts must be placed under proper tags.
5) No Fighting or Bashing Each Other.
6) Have Fun!
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